Your most trusted friend — SnowDog!

If you are a hunter, fisherman, forestry worker or just a lover of travel, then you definitely have dreamed that it would be nice to get to their destination faster and luggage anyone behind you dragged. People from Northern communities have adapted dog sleds for such purposes. But the idea of using motor instead of the dog has always worried the human mind. Thus was born the SnowDog.

SnowDog - a reliable assistant to overcome long distances in deep snow or swamp with a maximum load. Increased track size reduces the surface pressure, which allows the engine to give optimal power without slipping and diiging into the snow. SnowDog`s dimensions allow to transport it in a trunk of the pickup truck or SUV.
To start moving or to select speed, use the throttle lever, which is located on the right side of the steering handle. Accelerate slowly in deep snow. Turning SnowDog is done by moving the the steering handle in the direction opposite to the turning. Stop the engine by releasing the throttle and turn switch in the "OFF" position.
Easy to store and transport. Does not fall under driver`s license and taxation requirements. Extremely passable. All year round use. Safe movement and protected from overturn. Economical service, minimum fuel consumption. Manual assembly, warranty service. Cheaper than any snowmobile transportation. Easily pulls a pack of sleds loaded with 3 people + cargo.